Thursday, October 12, 2017


DFW18: Call for Proposals Coming Soon!

Welcome to the homepage of the International DFW Conference.  Each year, our conference provides a forum for discussions on writing and culture, with an emphasis on themes and topics related to works by David Foster Wallace.

The Fifth Annual Conference: June 7-9, 2018

Please use the tabs above to learn more about Wallace, view the Conference Schedule, Submit a Proposal, or Contact Us.

Call for Proposals - Coming Soon!

The International DFW Society

Want to join an international community of scholars?  Looking for opportunities to publish in a peer-reviewed journal of DFW Studies?  Visit the new DFW Society Homepage!

(Yes, I know...the DFW Society homepage is way, way cooler than the conference webpage...all the more reason you should join today! --Ryan)


Proposal Deadline: December 10, 2016
Early Registration Deadline: April 30, 2018
Final Registration Deadline: May 30, 2018

**All Presenters must register by April 30th to be included in the schedule.

Registration Fees

In recognition of differing financial situations, we offer different registration tiers.  It typically costs $70 per person to cover catering, classroom reservations, and speaker fees - the higher fees paid by full-time faculty help subsidize student attendees.

Early Registration (by April 30, 2018)

Faculty + Sponsorship: $150*
Faculty / Full-Time Employment: $100
Students / Part-Time Employed: $75
Students: $40

*$75 of each Sponsorship registration will be applied to Registration Waivers for student presenters with financial need.  In 2017, we were able to award waivers to seven presenters.


Dorm Stay: $40/night for 3 nights ($120 total).  Bring Your Own Blankets and Towel!  The dorms only provide sheets!
Book Fair Table: $50 (plus individual registration)

Late Registration (Starting May 1)

Faculty: $120
Students/Part Time: $90
Students: $50
Book Fair: $60